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The Scovilliers

Scovilliers are the gourmets of Hot Sauces. There is currently a batch of 24-carat heat experts willing to describe the character of these incredible sauces. The Scovillier is justifiably private in his willingness to stretch the boundaries of degustaion. This title is associated with the fine art of tasting and commonly leads to nothing other than outstanding entertainment..

Andreas alias Yves de la Croix:
Yves de la Croix is a connoisseur and describes himself 'only' as an amateur cook. So at home with haute cuisine does he feel that one or two head chefs wouldn't be afraid to peek over his shoulder to pick up some tips in refinement. He's actually half French (not his fault) which gives him license in Germany to "partake in culinary rehabilitation". When he's not hovering over pots and pans, he enjoys a glass of Châteauneuf-du-Pape or standing at the helm of his yacht! And yet, some people like him! “Heat exponentiates every culinary experience", he never said.

Mr. Eckerlein:
Judging by the photograph, this man should be kept in a dark, locked room and well away from other human beings. Mr. Eckerlein is not only a die-hard biker but also someone who doesn't object to a bit of spice action. When a few drops of fire would suffice for normal people, this nutjob has to push the boat out every time. "Hot Sauces are, for me, just as important as food and drink", he says. "Overdosing on Scoville units brings undescribable pain", he continues. Apparently, he has friends and once touched a girl.
HD alias Melow D:
HD is a DJ and is new to the gang. He was well up for it from the word go. As drugs affect people in the same way, his first meeting with fire led to spontaneous outbursts of loquacity. "It's hot, really hot, oh God, it's hot, sweet Mother of...", and so on. As if his photo wasn't bad enough, that shirt he's wearing is worthy of a stabbing. The man has children, for God's sake! Give him a break! Lose the shirt, son.
Doc is the man about town. This photo wasn't taken after a meeting with a pounding hot sauce, rather after someone shoved a coat hanger right up his... anyway, if there is one man in town who can get you anything you want, he knows him. Apparently, he once spoke to a girl at a bus stop.
Sandra is more than capable of keeping up with the boys when it comes to fire intake. Even as a child, she would be caught quaffing Tabasco, sent to her room and spanked very soundly - all of which remain her most enjoyable pastimes today, only Tabasco has been swapped for more throat-worrying fluids.


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