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An overview of the most important terms.

Term / Factor
Capsaicin This herbal, extracted substance releases fire amongst mammals through usage of paprika or chili. Capsaicin caters for pain strong enough to sizzle nerve-endings. This is a potent heat the body could get used to.
Pepper-High The brain attempts to act accordingly to the consumption of Capsaicin as this pepper acts as a bodily defencive, mophine-like painkiller. It induces a kind of numbing effect, almost euphoric and it's reaction is incredibly quick.
Blister Enticer
Food too hot? Tongue feels like it's melting? The following could help:
Oleaginous substances such as milk, yoghurt, sugar solutions as well as tomato juice can be used to soothe the burning in your mouth. Skin irritations caused by 'contaminated' fingers can be helped by applying alcohol or cooking oil.
Scoville Scoville is the measurement for heat and is named after the discoverer, a pharmaceutical scientist called Wilbur L. Scoville and represents the number of units for water necessary to neutralise the flavour in one unit of chili extract.
SHU Scoville-Heat-Units - The spiciness of chili pods are measured in Scoville units. Die Scoville-scale starts at 0, and goes right up to 16.000.000, which is pure Capsaicin in crystal form. Pure, herbal Capsaicin reaches an average of 240.000 SHU. In addition, the values are synthetically achieved.


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