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Guarantee of Satisfaction

Hello and welcome,

Thank you for clicking onto our internet range. As you have probably noticed, we are dealing with very spicy foodstuffs - appropriately named 'Hot Sauces'. We are prepared to further supplement our range to add to the spice of life. It's also worth checking in regularly.

What is important to us? Where do we place quality?:


We love hot foodstuffs. We consume them ourselves. We place quality in natural production. All of our product range is tested by our team. We are always happy to hear suggestions and opinions from our buyers.


Service and dependability is very important to us. We often use the internet ourselves as a source of supply. We try to process orders and distribute to our parcel service as soon as possible. As a general rule, all our products are readily available but should a supply shortfall situation arise, all parties concerned will immediately be informed.

Personal Designation

We are not an anonymous internet site. Scovilla is more than just a site which canvasses for custom. People work here and are more than happy to talk to you so please don't hesitate if you have any queries. We are contactable daily between 10.00 and 18.00. Tel. +49.9561.8532950

Fair Price-Performance Ratio

Our prices are fairly calculated. We would prefer to avoid delivering to you only once. Our objective is to build long-term relationships in our spice world. If you should find the product cheaper somewhere else, you have the opportunity to click on 'Viewed Cheaper' to inform us.

Home-Produced Products

We don't want to only offer the big 'Hot-Sauces' brands of this world. A refined, comprehensive range is our target. We are always interested in new products. We look foward to being introduced to your products. The criterion is, however, an indesputable requirement: it must be hot!!!

Enjoy your visit to scovilla.com

Hot and spicy regards,

Christoph Schweizer


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