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Hot Sauces
From taste experience to "consume with care'.  

It's nice that you can share with us the 'heat' fascination and the subsequent hyperventilation. Many years of experience in the breeding of chilis and the production of sauces, paired with daunting experimentation, have led to this variety of flavour explosion.

You can find the reality of these extracts with more than 1,000,000 Scoville units under the category 'supernaturally hot'!!!".

Hot Sauces
The lively introduction into the exotic world of Hot Sauces.
Hot Sauces
The tasty, middle-class Hot Sauce for all 'hot cuisine'.
Hot Sauces
Explodes the imaginativeness of the Central European gourmet.
Hot Sauces
very hot!
Touch and go whether this should be allowed on the table.
Hot Sauces
extremely hot!!
A resounding firepower from world's hottest sauces.
Hot Sauces
supernaturally hot!!!
Hot Extracts: Supernaturally spicy and out of this world!


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